Calypso - Mystic Mindset

$30.00 - $120.00 / Sold Out

Name: Mystic Mindset
Release: 10/31/2020 @ 7:30 PM Central

-Purple Plated (Jack o' lantern - LE 25)
-Antique Gold (Esmermalda - LE 25)
-Anodized Blue (Starry Night - LE 25)
-Anodized (Flourite - LE 75)
-Red Plated (Bloody Mary - LE 25 Gift Only) These are first come first serve

Dimensions: 3.25" Hands are 1.15"
Features: 3D Layers
Attachment: 3 posts with rubber clutches Hands: 2 posts each
Concept: Calypso x Ground Score
Design: Calypso
Price: $30 each or $120 for the full set

A special thank you to Baylee Tabbert for helping color the Esmermalda variant & Melissa Loomer for helping color the Jack o' lantern, Starry Night, Flourite and Bloody Mary Variant!

*Limit 1 set per person or 1 of each of the variants for an opportunity to have the entire set, no doubles :-) *