Calypso - Scarab

$20.00 - $80.00 / Sold Out

Name: Scarab
Release: 3/5/2021 @ 7:30 PM Central

Top Left: Vindex (Shiny Black Nickel)
Top Right: Horus w/ glitter (Gold)
Bottom Left: Abalone w/ glow (Anodized Blue)
Bottom Right: Fluorite w/ glow (Anodized)
Center: Osiris w/ glitter (Silver)

Dimensions: 2.5"
Features: 3D Layers
Attachment: 3 posts with rubber clutches
Numbering: Sequential laser printed to 25 each except for the Fluorite variant which is LE 75
Concept: Calypso x Ground Score
Design: Calypso
Price: $20 each or $80 for the full set

*Gift Only variant will be given based first come, first serve*

Variants colored by:
Vindex - Flo Contino
Horus - Iman Alexander
Abalone - Savannah Dray
Fluorite - Calypso
Osiris - Melissa Curtis